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Bill Gates conspiracy theories: true or false?

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Bill Gates is the person who has been targeted by the greatest number of coronavirus conspiracy theories by far. Some are farfetched, but others contain elements of truth. The Rumour Detector therefore started from the principle that a dialogue can begin by distinguishing verified information from rumour. Knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, the following infographic could be useful in your next discussion. 


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- The theories “Gates patented the current coronavirus” and ”Gates predicted the pandemic” were analyzed by Les Décodeurs in the newspaper Le Monde, among others. 

- You can also read this article by the Rumour Detector to get back to the basics on what a patent on a virus is.  

- Also see this article on the people and groups who actually predicted the pandemic.  

- The conspiracy theory “Gates wants to reduce the population” was also debunked in a fact check by Les Décodeurs. 

- You can find more detail on the origins of this last conspiracy theory and several others in this report by the New York Times

- The origins of the microchip conspiracy theory are tracked down in this report by BuzzFeed magazine. 

- This Snopes report also tracks down what Gates really said about digital health records, in addition to the origin of the idea of invisible tattoos. 

- Finally, this article distinguishes between what’s true and false about the theory of injectable microchips.  

This article was originally published on the website of L'Agence Science-Presse (French only).


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